Ananya Sanskrit

This means ‘Unique’ in Sanskrit. It is our 3-Origin Signature Blend that has been enjoyed by customers for over a decade. Roasted in two colours to gain different characteristics from each origin. Using premium organic PNG gives a lovely full flavour, light and balanced acidity. Light Spice, pleasant earthy, cocoa finish. Perfect for both espresso and milk-based coffees.

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Single Origin

What is Single Origin? Put simply, it means beans sourced from one location. We can be as specific or broad as we like here. E.g. Brazil is a ‘Single Origin’ known in its basic form, but narrowing down to region, or even Plantation, is how the Coffee Industry is going. ‘Micro Lot’ is a Single Origin specifying the grid reference on a plantation.

Water Process Decaf

Through a magical process we produce an amazing coffee experience without the caffeine. By using Elves, Fairies, and Rainbow Filters you can enjoy a Noego Coffee Co. coffee just before bedtime.

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Organic – all of our coffeebeans are certified organic

Organic coffee is coffee produced without the aid of artificial chemical substances, such as certain additives, pesticides and/or herbicides.

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About Noego coffee

Noego is a dynamic Coffee Company looking at every aspect of our operations, business, and product lines in order to support communities, enrich lifestyle, and respect and nurture Earth.
Dan, formally the original CoffeeGuy, has been fortunate to gain a diverse knowledge base on everything coffee in the 25 years including sales, marketing, equipment R & D, blending and roasting. Dan's style of roasting has been extremely popular amongst his clientele.